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Armed with a penchant for discarded junk, self-taught artist Tiara Grayson, reinforces the concept that art can be made from anything. Her interest and initial introduction into art was pure serendipity--eclipsed by adverse circumstances. The raw energy of putting paint to canvas evoked an unexpected reaction and awareness she still thrives on today.

Faithfully an oil painter, in the summer of 2018 she began to experiment with abstract mixed media; bringing new life to found objects. In a methodical juxtaposition-- acrylic, ink, and rice paper complement uncommon materials like wood, metal, and fabric producing an abstract composition emphasizing texture and a muted palette. Tiara Grayson resides in 
Cleveland, Ohio.

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Insomnia gives way to hypnagogic images, forming a loose translation of an unknown universe. These images are often vivid, detailed, abstract and woven into many of my paintings. Sometimes in unexpected ways. My current work, abstract mixed media was born out of curiosity, a lack of traditional materials, and ultimately a need to challenge myself. My paintings give shape, color and structure to this intangible, theoretical universe allowing for vulnerability, an open-mindedness and a connection we all seek as humans.

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